Central Island SignPosts Ltd Service Agreement

We are pleased to bring you the most reliable Real Estate sign management service on Central Vancouver Island.

This Service Agreement is between Central Island SignPosts Ltd (hereafter called "C.I. SignPosts") and the Real Estate Agent / Corporation (hereafter called the "Customer") and includes the rental of the sign-post and accessories.

Customer Responsibilities:

  1. Set up account with C.I. SignPosts at www.CISignPosts.ca.
  2. Account types — 30 day account from date of invoice (on Approved credit). Please make cheques payable to Central Island SignPosts.
  3. Request installation of sign-post and associated items as required.
  4. Supply address or parcel number (as information is available).
  5. Confirm placement of sign-post (site marker) prior to installation. Where required, the Customer will have all the utilities, including underground irrigation marked out prior to installation of sign-post.
  6. When a Strata installation is required, the Customer will have the Strata"s approval. The Customer to email C.I. SignPosts with confirmation that will give the go ahead for the installation of sign-post.
  7. When sale or cancellation of property listing is complete the Customer is to notify C.I. SignPosts of a removal date.

C.I. SignPosts Commitment:

  1. Install or remove sign-post within 24 hours notice subject to weather conditions. Orders submitted prior to 4:00 pm will be installed normally within one business day.
  2. Send the Customer a digital photo of the sign when the installation is complete.
  3. C.I. SignPosts will attempt to make every effort to install posts as per the Customer instructions with regards to all city ordinances and regulations. Alternate location may have to be made at the discretion of C.I. SignPosts.
  4. Manage and provide storage for the Customer signs. Clean panels before they are installed on sign-post.
  5. Provide monthly inventory of the Customer signs being stored at C.I. SignPosts secured storage facilities.
  6. Invoice will be emailed to customer upon completion of sign installation or as per agreed upon terms.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Charge accounts are net 15 days from billing date. A 2% interest charge per month on arrears. A surcharge of $45.00 is applied if a cheque is returned for non-sufficient funds.
  2. This Service Agreement serves as authorization for C.I. SignPosts to process Invoice, upon completion of sign installation as per agreed upon terms.
  3. C.I. SignPosts will not be held liable for damages to property or anything related as a result of the Customers inaccurate install location instructions.
  4. Only employees of C.I. SignPosts are permitted to install or remove our rented equipment.
  5. In such cases that a customer breaches the agreement, or C.I. SignPosts determines continued equipment rental would pose a risk of equipment loss, C.I. SignPosts may terminate their service contract, remove all rented equipment from any properties of said customer, and return signage belonging to the customer.
  6. In the event that a property owner or tenant refuses access to the property for sign-post installation, C.I. SignPosts will leave the property and advise the Customer immediately. We reserve the right to refuse service at any location whereby a home owner may appear to pose a risk to the safety of our staff.
  7. For Inventory purposes, C.I SignPosts reviews sign-post status after 100 days.
  8. Sign-posts will normally be removed from expired or cancelled listings within 1 business day of the Customer notifying C.I. SignPosts.
  9. All applicable taxes as required by British Columbia law are added to all C.I. SignPosts invoices.
  10. Additional Customer items are not to be attached to C.I. SignPosts property without prior written approval.
  11. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to immediately submit removal and repair requests to C.I. SignPosts. If the Customer fails to do so and it results in lost, damaged or stolen sign-posts or accessories, the Customer will be subject to a $50.00 charge.
  12. C.I. SignPosts is not liable for any lost or stolen Customer signage or property from C.I. SignPosts sign-posts.

Service Costs:

*Additional transportation charge may be applied

Contact Information:

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